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Proprietary software, we all know it, almost all of us have once used it. Video games are software, and the majority of all games on the market are still proprietary. When a free(as in F/OSS) game uses a popular GNU/Linux distribution logo(trademark) to describe something; most GNU/Linux vendors let it slide.

This is typically because the game is free is in provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment, therefore, not causing damage to, or benefiting from, the companies profits. And free as in the freedom to run the program, for any purpose(GNU freedom 0,) study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs(GNU freedom 1,) redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor(GNU freedom 2,) improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits(GNU freedom 3). Access to the source code is a precondition for these. Generally, these and other things in such software make it therefore protected by fair use.

The same treatment shouldn't be given to the proprietary, closed source, strict license, and non-entirely-free video game software vendors.

The free -- though closed source and proprietary -- video game "Combat Arms" for the Windows operating system. May be committing trademark infringement. For using the Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu GNU/Linux trademarked logo for the game's "Clan" options without permission.

The image below shows how this could be the case.

Combat Arms Ubuntu Trademark Infringement

Although, they could have permission, they could have created it themselves-- though trademark infringement would still apply-- in this case. We can't know for sure. Canonical Ltd. should send a "cease and desist" order, to protect their trademark, if permission wasn't granted. Or at least inform the Ubuntu community whether or not they gave permission.

SUCCESS: Combat Arms, as of the "02-24-2009 [Unscheduled Maintenance]" update, no longer uses the Ubuntu trademark! A "cease and desist" order must have been sent, or Nexon had the trademark pulled, to prevent legal action. The new icon has a similar design, but, is far from the Ubuntu logo.

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