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We recently received an e-mail from a lead developer of a certain popular GNU/Linux distribution (we can't say which one), questioning our ethics in relation to sales of Live Flash Drives. With permission, I will share with you what the concern was and our opinion and solution:
"Why isn't a portion of the sales being donated back to the distributions? I can understand why such a thing isn't being done in regards to the sales of complete computer systems, but with LiveUSB drives the distribution really is the main component. It's what separates a LiveUSB from any old Flash Drive."
Our reason for doing so... don't have one. We set out to provide a service that was easy and inexpensive, we somehow overlooked the developers of these great GNU/Linux distributions. That e-mail opened our eyes to what kind of harm we might be causing, or more likely, what kind of good we easily could be doing but aren't doing.

So we now donate 20% of every purchase back to the respective distribution's project, foundation, company or developers, however donations for the distribution are handled. So now when you purchase a Live USB Flash Drive from InaTux you're also supporting the development of your favorite distribution in the process.

The donation percentage was decided by the distribution developer mentioned earlier, with our various sales figures and expense reports on hand. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss changing the percentage.

We will be keeping a detailed list of donated funds for each distribution, each time a distribution's fund has collected $10 (or the minimum donation limit for the distribution) a donation to the distribution's project, foundation, company or developers will be made. Click here to see the list. Currently the list doesn't show any funds for any distributions, but this is because the list and policy were just started. We intend to go back through our sales and take 20% for each distribution and make a few donations.

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