Firefox 3.7a5pre: Tabs on Top, New Add-on Manager Comments

UPDATE: In build 20100502030719 the new Add-on Manager has been removed.
UPDATE: In build 20100512030552 the new Add-on Manager has returned.

Quick: As of Feb. 2nd, 2010, out-of-process plugins (OOPP) are now on by default for Windows and GNU/Linux builds and will load Flash and all other plugins in a separate process by default. Now...

Firefox 3.7a5pre now has an option to place the browser's tabs on top of the controls, similar to Google Chrome. This is likely part of Mozilla's plans to redesign Firefox for version 4. The new option can be found in the right-click menu as "Tabs on Top" below "Navigation Toolbar" and "Bookmarks Toolbar".

Firefox 3.7a5pre handles the Add-ons window differently, as it opens in a new tab rather than a new window. The Add-ons Manager has also been redesigned and has animations such as "Search" sliding in the left column when you search. The new Add-ons Manager is written in XML. In the Add-ons Manager, there is the options: "Get Add-ons", "Languages", "Search Engines", "Extensions", "Themes", and "Plugins". The search box remains, and to update Add-ons we now click the text link "Update add-ons".

To view more information about a plugin, you can right-click then click "Show more information" or you can double-click on an Add-on, and it brings you to a screen where you can read the Add-on's description, see the last time it updated, view the version, and how many times it's been downloaded, give a rating, visit the Add-on's homepage, and even contribute to the Add-on's development!

The video below demonstrates the new Add-on Manager.

We experience a bug in the video above, apparently "Image Zoom"
didn't play nicely with the new Add-on Manager yet. It's been fixed.

We'd love to see this approach applied to the "Preferences" window, perhaps to the "View Page Source" window, and the "Organize Bookmarks..." window. And the downloads window should somehow be eliminated, perhaps in a bar similar to the "Find" search bar that appears when pressing Ctrl+F. Or like this Add-on.

Other than the new Add-on Manager, not many new things are visibly noticeable. Until next time...

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