The newspaper articles below are of opening day at Barstow Station July 10, 1976. Wooden spools were used as display tables and hundreds of customers came to shop and enjoy the festivities.
Fred Rosenberg used the Doris train car as his headquarters and as a home away from home during the early years.
Barstow Station is the  result of a vision Fred Rosenberg had for the highway traveler. A place where the tour bus passengers traveling to Las Vegas and Los Angeles could stop and have an opportunity to stretch their legs and make a much needed pit stop. A place where all highway travelers needs could be met. McDonald's, the Oriental Gift Shop,  and the Barstow Station Liqour Store were part of the original line up.
In 2013 The McDonald's Corporation decided to change all of their store's appearance to a more modern design. In four short months the Barstow Station location was transformed into the beautiful building we have now.
The McDonald's location in the photo under the rainbow is the original location that Fred Rosenberg purchased. The original sign is still at the Barstow Station location today.
When the construction of Barstow Station was completed the original McDonalds was demolished. The photo above shows where the old building was, where the new location is and where the Doris train car was located (the back left corner by the train tracks).
These photos are of the sskeleton of Barstow Station during consrtruction. The planning that went into Barstow Staion was extrodinary. Four decades later the th main floor still remains a throughfare to many people visiting from all over the world.
Barstow Station
1611 E. Main St. Barstow, CA 92311
Hours of operation:
Mon.-Thurs. and Sat. 7:AM - 8:PM
Fri., and Sun. 7:AM - 9:PM
Barstow Station 1611 E. Main St. Barstow, CA 93211
(760) 256-0366