This page is a work in progress, a page that will provide information about the people of Barstow Station that had, have and will have a lasting impact on the business. On September 17, 1986 Barstow Station, "the Super Mac" was caught on fire by a car in the McDonald's drive thru driveway. Fred Rosenberg the visionary who built Barstow Station was the owner of both the McDonald's franchise and he was the landlord of  the Barstow Station properties at the time. He is our first featured person of Barstow Station. Due to that fire there are very few photos, articles and historical documents available to this webmaster. If you have any information to share that, would enhance the history on this website please e-mail them to Thank you for your input and assistance.
Barstow Station was created by Fred Rosenberg. His life began in Pennislvania where he worked for his father and mother in the family grocery store. These are photos of him at that store and later as the president of Diners Club.
When the depression hit Fred's family found themselves without customers  so the family moved to Southern California. When World War 2 erupted Fred joined the maritime service and when he retured from the war he opened a small delicatessen in Long Beach California. Before long Fred was feeding all of Long Beach. He was a very successful operator and as time went on he opened another restaurant and stared catering to the local  industrial plants.
Fred's big break came in 1950 when he was granted the naval shipyard catering contract. He became the biggest industrial feeder in the greater Long Beach area and catered every major convention and banquet in the area. During this time Fred's wife Robin, also a successful business owner in her our right bought the Marquis Restaurant in Hollywood (more of this story to come). The Marquis Restaurant was a fine dining establishment that served the best Italian food and wine in Hollywood. Many famous movie stars and industry giants enjoyed the dining experience Fred and Robin provided.
Then came The Queen! Fred was the president of Diners Club and when the Diner's Club Board of Directors shared with him their plan to bring the Queen Mary into the Long Beach Harbor he knew that he had the skills to make the project a success and he offerd to help with the project. He later sold all of his business interstes in Long Beach and dedicated  his time to exclusively to The Queen. All the ingredients for a successful tourist destination were in Long Beach and Fred knew he could help bring the vision  into a reality. The Queen Mary remains in the Long Beach Harbor today!
When Fred was asked "what will you work on once The Queen reaches her final destination?" he was quoted to say "I don't know, what do you do for an encore?"
These are  original photos from the architectural firm who helped Ferd Rosenberg create Barstow Station.
Fred Rosenberg was a very industrious person but he was also a fun, warm and ingenious man who was loved by many, feard by his competitors and repsected deeply by his family and friends. This illustration was drawn for him by his close friend and presented to him Christmas 1988.
Barstow Station
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