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Think TWISTED when you visit Barstow Station and you want the perfect snack!
No, not scary twisted like some horror flick, but twisted like soft, golden-baked, puffy links of delicious dough; all interwoven for your delight. That's right! We're talking about pretzels, and the only place to get them: Wetzel's Pretzels! Wetzel's Pretzels is the perfect anytime snack. Plain, dipped in mustard, or draped and stuffed with jalapenos, hot dogs, or pepperoni, there's no wrong way to eat one!
Wetzel's bakes their pretzels fresh every day to ensure the best bite you've ever had, guaranteed. How fresh are they? How about every 30 minutes fresh?! If their little golden goodies don't convince everyone to pick them up in half an hour, they don't get sold. Period. Wetzel's promise of the freshest, most-fabulous food ever is just that simple. And, it works! More than 3 million people visit Barstow Station every weekend, and you'd be hard pressed to miss a wonderful baked treat from Wetzel's right in their fists. They are the perfect pretzels - hot, chewy, full of flavor, and generally irresistible to anyone with a pulse. And, to sweeten the deal,Wetzel's also offers hot dogs, lemonade, and soda to complete your  experience. 
Barstow Station
1611 E. Main St. Barstow, CA 92311
Hours of operation:
Mon.-Thurs. and Sat. 7:AM - 8:PM
Fri., and Sun. 7:AM - 9:PM
Barstow Station 1611 E. Main St. Barstow, CA 93211
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